• Features & Options

    * All prices are based on a monthly subscription model.

    Tests and Road Code requirements are updated semi-annually.
    20% Discount applies if annual hosting paid upfront.
    Schools, Libraries, NGO's: limited number of special 'pro bono' educational licenses now available.

    • Your logo on every page
    • 'In Partnership with (brand)' on every page
    • 6 automobile theory practice tests
    • Ad-free
  • branded Single Test with ads ad-supported, 1 test
    $ 195 per month
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  • branded Single Test, no ads no ads, 1 test
    $ 245 per month
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  • All six branded tests, no ads no ads, all 6 tests
    $ 795 per month
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  • Library & NGo license,
    no ads
    Branded, all tests
    $ 0 forever
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All plans except 'Library & NGO License' are subject to a one-time $595 design/setup fee.
Requirements for program participation: landing page on brand website or links to the brand's landing page